7 Strategies to Overcoming Common Problems

Overcoming Common Problems in Life

Do you have so many challenges in life that you have difficulty finding fulfillment? This is not an uncommon situation. I want to share with you 7 strategies you can begin today to overcome common problems, ease the stress in life and assist you in finding fulfillment.

Yes, you will need to work at these to change ingrained behavior patterns. If you do apply yourself you’ll find life so much easier. Just focus on one at a time. Get that one down and then begin the next one. You might want to print out this article so you’ll have it handy.

Begin to overcome common problems of life with the strategies:

1. Be an action taker. Many people become terrified of taking action because overcoming common problemsthey’re afraid of making a mistake. The result is they will be forced to make a choice one way or the other because the situation has now confronted them. Many of the challenges you face, especially in health, relationship and finances, can be avoided with some advanced planning.

  • The other day I took my car in to have its transmission fluid flushed and renewed. I also had the tires rotated. These actions will extend the life of my car and of my tires. This will save me a great deal of money in the long run. No the maintenance schedule of your automobile and adhere to it.
  • Your body also needs regular maintenance. You need good nutrition, exercise, sleep and fun. When you don’t get your body good nutrition you will feel lethargic and fuzzy-headed. In addition,you’ll be more prone to illness. Taking care of yourself now will have long-term benefits in the future.
  • Pay attention to what you need to do in the future. If you have a major project coming up, whether it be work or family oriented, develop a schedule and a plan for getting everything done on time.Yes, this will take some additional planning and some additional time. If you make a plan and follow the schedule will greatly reduce stress on your body and upon the relationships you have.

2.  Your body also needs regular maintenance. You need good nutrition, exercise, sleep and fun. When you don’t get your body good nutrition you will feel lethargic and fuzzy-headed. In addition,you’ll be more prone to illness. Taking care of yourself now will have long-term benefits in the future.

  • It’s easy for your weight to creep up without you paying much attention to it. I was talking to a woman in her 50s. She was telling me how she used to be slim. Over 10 years she only gained five year, but that led to being 50 pounds overweight. It’s much more difficult to lose 50 pounds that it is to lose 5 pounds.
  • Take a look at your diet and note what you’re not eating that your body needs and what you are eating that your body does not need. Don’t change everything at once. Eliminate one unhealthy food and add one healthy food each month. Make a commitment to yourself and stay focused on the changes you are making.
  • Keep your health goal in mind. If you happen to walk past someone who was in a wheelchair due to an illness which could’ve been prevented, remind yourself that this is why you are no longer eating a great deal of sugar. When you see someone who is in top shape at an age you expect degeneration, remind yourself that this is why you are eating a healthy diet.

3. Maximize your time. You know you waste time watching TV, surfing the web or checking your phone repeatedly. This is time you can’t get back. When it comes to overcoming common problems this is a big one. Make a commitment to yourself to reduce stress and overcome the time squeeze by substituting time wasting behaviors with time maximizing behaviors.

  • Make a commitment to spend one hour a day doing something you would feel good about. This could be exercising, learning a new skill or writing a book. If you add just one hour a day doing something which maximizes your time, by the end of the year you will have devoted 365 hours. Imagine what you can accomplish in those 365 hours by using just one hour a day.

4. Manage your money. Set out a plan where you save money regularly and Overcoming common problemsprepare for the future. I mentioned the maintenance of my car. No matter how well I take care of my car there will, one day, be a problem. At the very least I will need new tires at some point. That’s an expensive enterprise, but a very necessary one. Plan ahead and save ahead So you have what you need.

  • You could begin by saving $5 or $10 per week. I read about a man who paid for his son’s college education by emptying his pockets of all the change he had elected a day. He placed it in the big jar by his bed. By the time his son went to college he had the necessary money.
  • Budget. Know your expenses, both immediate and future, and save the money needed to take care of them. Many people have an envelope for each budget item. When the money and that envelope is gone then you know it’s time to stop spending in that area. Plan for some fun but look for those events which are free of cost very little.

5. Purchase only things of value. Don’t be impulsive with your money. Make note of what it is you need and of the things you know will enrich your life. You don’t need to get a new smart phone every time a new model comes out. The same is true for cars and many other items. Only when you have everything you need as well as the money necessary for future needs, can you purchase something that is a luxury. Even then, be sure to something you will be using for a long time and not something you put away in the closet and forget about.

6. Be a decision-maker. If you are faced with the decision about your life, know that not making a decision means you have decided to stay awake you are. Is that what you want? Don’t get caught in the trap of continually doing research for putting off the decision until you are forced into action.

7. Nurture your relationships. Your family and friends are the most important Overcoming common problemspeople in your life. Make an effort to stay in contact with them and spend time with them. Having strong relationships with friends and family can give you support when you encounter an unexpected problem in life.

By overcoming common problems in life you can bring more fulfillment to life by engaging in a few powerful strategies. Take action in all areas of your life. Nurture your relationships as well as the relationship with your health, your body and your finances. Use your time wisely on those activities which create memories and skills for you.

What to do when you feel stuck

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