Building Self-Confidence When You Have None

Self-confidence is the basis of your foundation for your sense of self.

Self-confidenceBuilding Self-Confidence When You Have None It makes your life easier and generates happiness within you. You will be able to achieve more when you are confident in yourself. The problem is that self-confidence is weakened due to the many trials in your lie and difficulties in the world.

The way you view yourself affects your character, beliefs and success. In fact, the way you view yourself is determined by your character and beliefs. If you’re self-confidence is not strong you can be shaken to your core when you do not have the success you would like.

Because self-confidence determines how you face the world it is crucial for you to strengthen it.

Start with little things. You don’t need to look for something major to boost your self-confidence. You can begin with small actions.

1.    What would you like to change in your appearance? Perhaps a different hair style is in order or a change in the way you dress. Consider right now what you would look like which would allow you to radiate beauty and confidence.

2.    Smile. You’d be amazed how smiling can affect your mood and your self-confidence. Yes, I realize there are times you just don’t want to smile. Bring to mind something to smile about.

3.    Straighten your surroundings. I’m not talking about being obsessive. Just keep things orderly. I’ve noticed I feel more “inner space” when my surroundings are not in chaos, when there is more space on the tables because things are put away or stacked nicely.

4.    Control your self-talkControl your self-talk. Instead of talking negatively to yourself, put that energy and time into using positive words. Encourage yourself. Tell yourself you can do it. Remember the children’s book “The Little Engine that Could”? Positive self-talk will help you get over the hills of life just like it helped that little engine make it over its hill.

5.    Volunteer. Go out and help other people. You’ll feel good about yourself and you may end up making new friends. A common comment from volunteers is how much they receive from giving to others.

6.    Be prepared. Always be ready for whatever function you are attending be it a party, presentation, date or meeting. Gather information on the people that will be attending, the theme of the function and other important information. This will allow you prepare, dress appropriately and be more relaxed and confident.

7.    Set a small goal and achieve it. (Each one of the items above can be a goal.) Success boosts a person’s moral. Set small goals for yourself. Let the goal be something that matters and then strive to meet the goal. Once you succeed, you will have the motivation to do something bigger. The more success you achieve, the more your confidence increases. You will there is little which is impossible if you put your mind to it.

8.    Be around people who support you. This is huge. If a family member still treats you as if you were a child and speaks unkind words, have little contact with her. Surround yourself with those who can support your aspirations and motivate you to be your best. Be with friends who treat you right.

9.    Write down your successes, skills and strengths. Leave out your weaknesses and failures and focus on the positive side of yourself.

•    What victories have you had so far?
•    What things are you better at doing?
•    What are your strong points?
•    Keep making a list until you’ve exhausted all you know about yourself. Review it regularly. What you see will surprise you. Add to it when you discover something new about yourself.

10.    Don’t compare yourself with others. There will always be someone who is better at something, or whose life seems better, makes more money, is more beautiful or handsome, has a bigger house or a better car. If you keep comparing yourself with them, you’ll feel disheartened. Focus on yourself. Be more concerned about improving yourself. Remember this important saying, “Don’t compare your insides with someone’s outsides.” You don’t know how the other person feels.

Life flows more easily and you will be happier when you have a high level of self-confidence. If something emotional is blocking your self-confidence use the healing tools available to you.

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