Do you have a “heart of stone”?

I will give you a heart of flesh for your heart of stone

This particular quote from Ezekiel has great meaning for me. I used it when I made first vows as a Houston Dominican back in 1979.

It has been coming up again in various ways. This past weekend it came up as I was participating in a program called the Venus Sequence of Gene Keys. This program is about relationships.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t shut their heart down at least a bit after being hurt in a relationship. You take a chance, I take a chance, in relationship and then get blasted. This could begin in childhood, teen years or as an adult.

What I was reflecting on, and what I want to share with you, are the ramifications of shutting down your heart. According to Ezekiel, this would be the process of turning our heart of flesh into stone.

I believe we were born with an open heart ready to love. I remember when Don, my brother-in-law, talked about meeting his daughter for the first time. She was minutes old and he was holding her as she was bathed in the warm water. I may have the exact story wrong, she now has 4 kids of her own ages 14-7, so it’s been a while. I remember Don saying their eyes locked for a good while. She was, of course, immediately locked into his heart. He was ready to love and she was ready to be loved.

When your heart has been hardened by the cares of the world, that willingness to love and be loved is tempered by the fear of the pain of being hurt again. The stone replaces the vulnerable flesh of the heart.

I was reflecting upon what happens when I’ve hardened my heart. I was rather surprised, and deeply moved, by what came up.

I’ve always thought of a stone heart as being solid. In my meditation, I didn’t see the stony heart as solid. I saw the stone wrapped around the fleshy heart and, well, killing it. The flesh then putrefied and crumbles. The stony heart was an empty heart.

A stony heart prevents love from entering into you, into me. (I so want me in this discussion, and you as well.) The flesh of the heart needs love to survive. If I, you, surround our hearts with hardness for myself, yourself and for others, love from others and from God can’t gain entry. Love is deflected. We can’t absorb it because it can’t get through the cold stone of pain.

We have to be willing to take a heart of flesh

Transforming a heart of stone into a heart of flesh is a dynamic process consisting of awareness, openness, healing, and receiving.


First be aware that you have closed yourself off to love. This is where I’ve been the last year or so. I thought I’d passed through this part, but am discovering I haven’t been fully aware. I’ve chiseled a small hole in that heart or stone so a little love is getting in, but I need to open my heart so much more.

As I’ve become aware of being closed off from allowing myself to be open to the love of others, and I’m not talking about romantic partners here, I keep myself separate from others. I laugh with them, give words of support and listen to their words, but I haven’t been truly accepting their laughter and words of support into my heart. I haven’t accepted the love and care behind those words.

Think about yourself, how much do you allow someone’s words of affirmation for you become part of you? Do you assume everyone has an agenda because there is no way someone would mean those words “for you?” If you say, “but everyone around me does have an agenda and doesn’t really mean what they say,” then it is time to risk and find new people. Find one, two, or three open and honest people.


Second, you must be willing to take the risk to be open to people who can love you. You’re not going to find a human being who can love you perfectly. No human can have unconditional love for you all the time. You can’t for others. Finding one or two who can accept you as you are, yet challenge you to be more, is a true gift. I have found those type of people in my Gene Keys Venus group as well as my “regular” Gene Keys group.

Find a group of people committed to growing and developing with honesty and commitment. There are a number of personal development groups you can investigate. Mine is spiritually focused. If spirituality isn’t your thing, look for others which will fit your needs. When you find a group, don’t sit back with a stony heart which closes you off from the risk and amazement of love. Take risks to share yourself with others. Be open to listening and to being listened to.


This journey has moved me even deeper into asking for healing. I use Encodements and the Soul Healing Prayer most of the time. (You can learn more about Encodements by going here.  You can learn more about the Soul Healing Prayer by going here. ) Whatever is your favorite healing tool, use it. Really, don’t wait around. Use it every time you feel pain. If you don’t have a quick healing tool, check out Encodements and Soul Healing.

The more you heal, the more willing you are to take those risks to be open. The more you heal, the more you chip away at the heart of stone.

The happier you become. The freer you become. Peace becomes a part of your life, as well as laughter and joy.


The more you heal, the more open your heart is and the more you can receive. Receiving is a choice. It’s not something that just happens. You have to extend your hands outward to receive a gift. To receive love, you must open your heart. You must be willing to experience pain. No matter how close the relationship, there will be pain. That’s what happens when you put two imperfect people together. The clearer you both are, the less pain there will be. The less pain, the more the two of you can experience those moments of unconditional love.

Gradually, you chip through that heart of stone and the heart of flesh resurrects within you. The heart of flesh you were born with becomes, “re-hydrated” by the love which is now able to make it through the cracks of your crumbling heart of stone. Yes, the flesh is much more vulnerable than the stone; however, the flesh experiences Joy where the stony heart cannot.

A Daily Healing Program 

If you are ready for a daily healing program which takes less than 5-minutes a day, please check out Group Distance Healing. It’s an affordable and powerful program. Click button below.


Manage Your Frustration Using These 10 Tricks


You Can Avoid Frustration

When you don’t get what you want it can leave you feeling frustrated. You can’t avoid this, but you can manage your frustration. No one enjoys being frustrated but you can actually use it to your benefit. Frustration is a sign that you think you should do better. It’s also a sign that what you’re doing just isn’t working. Here are ten ways to handle frustration properly.

  1. Focus on how far you’ve progressed

You get more frustrated when you look at how far you have left to go. So don’t forget to look at how far you’ve come. The road to success is paved with improving constantly. Focus on the positive to move away from frustration.

Take Time

  1. Give yourself more time

When you’re trying to do something it’s better to take a little longer than you planned to. Don’t be so strict with your deadlines. Start out early and make plans to prepare for the worst. That way if something does go wrong then you’ve got the time you need to catch up.

  1. Stay in the moment

The moment right now is perfect how it is. You only get frustrated when you think about the future or the past. When you don’t get what you want you become frustrated. It’s also easy to be frustrated by what happened in the past.

  1. Understand why you’re frustrated

There are some situations and some people that can leave you pretty frustrated. Write down the things that trigger you and see if it’s possible to avoid them in the future. If not then maybe you can just work around them. Keep your composure even if you can’t work around what triggers you.

  1. Be reasonable with your expectations Be reasonable

Are you expecting too much of other people. You will be frustrated if people don’t fulfill your expectations. You may not be able to perfectly predict how people will act but you can use how they’ve acted before to reasonably assume their future behavior. Don’t expect too much from people and you won’t be frustrated.

  1. Write about what frustrates you

Instead of thinking incessantly about the things that frustrate you take the time to write them down. List everything that frustrates you and read through it while taking deep breaths to relax you. You’ll find you’re feeling better by the time you get to the end.

  1. Remember those past times you felt frustrated

If you think about the things that made you frustrated in the past you’ll see how silly it all seems now. You’re going to feel the same way about what you’re currently going through in the future. Though you can choose to feel better about things now rather than wait a good ten years for it to be funny.

  1. Be responsible

Even though it’s easier to blame other people it’s also a trap. When you give someone else the responsibility then you no longer have the power to make things better. When you accept responsibility for how things have gone you also accept the power to make things better.

Frustration: Ways to Overcome

  1. List down ways to get past your frustration

No one knows what works for you quite like you. So make a list of 25 different ways that you can get rid of frustration, or just make things less frustrating. Think about what is likely to frustrate you throughout the day and think about ways to improve your day.

10. Do something good with your frustration

Frustration doesn’t have to be bad. Take your frustration as a sign you need some stimulation. It’s a good sign that you believe things should be better than they are. When you know things should be better, you can focus on change and come up with ways to get out of that frustration.

Never being frustrated means that you’re not trying. Everyone gets frustrated at some point. Rather than avoiding it you should learn how to manage it and use it. It tells you that you need to approach something differently. Be creative and find a solution. Take a look at the frustration you feel and find a way to deal with it.

You Can Heal the Root Cause of Frustration

You know something is bothering you when you feel discordant or uncomfortable feelings. The cause of everyone’s frustration is different because the wounds are different. The feeling resulting from the wounds may be similar. It doesn’t matter the cause, you can often use simple healing tools taking less than a minute to heal the wound thus dissolving the frustration.

To receive a copy of the Soul Healing Prayer, click on the heart below. There is also a video, but you don’t have to listen to the video if you already know how to use the prayer and just want a copy of the prayer.

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Fear: 9 Ways to Push through Your Fear

Does fear paralyze you

Fear: Is It Holding You Back?

Fear really frustrates me. There are times I get so frustrated with myself when the tension in my gut keeps me from moving forward. I have a project and need to learn how to work a particular piece of technology. I keep putting it off and putting it off. I know why I put it off. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it. There is no way I’m going to find out whether or not I can do it unless I, well, just do it.

Fear is the primary reason people don’t succeed. It’s the primary reason people don’t take the first step to see if they can succeed. If you are trying to improve yourself and your life you have to confront the fear of change. Successful people are commonly the ones who are able to manage the these feelings. If you don’t find a way to manage your fear you won’t succeed.

Learning to master your fear is the great first step in improving your life. Here are nine ways to conquer your fear and become successful… then I add a bonus strategy at the end.

  1. Begin with controlling your thoughts

Fear begins with a thought. You have the power to control what you think about. Thinking about stressful things will just stress you out. Being afraid makes you less effective. It makes you feel lesser than you are. You are amazing and you just don’t know it. Control your thoughts and put yourself in the frame of mind you need to tackle the situation.

  1. What’s the worst that could happen?

Take a second to think about what the worst outcome could be. Ask yourself if you can handle it or do something to make that outcome easier to live with. If you know the worst that can happen, and you know you can handle it, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. When you prepare for the worst you find it rarely ever happens. Sometimes you’ll discover the worst just isn’t that bad.

  1. Don’t forget to breathe!

Breathe through your fearTake a few seconds to focus on your breathing. As you slow your breathing down and you slow down your mind. You know those times your thoughts are like a run-away train? Stop that train! Calming your mind down with slow deep breaths stops the running thoughts and leaves you in the present. When you get stressed a good way to fight it is to breathe slowly to a count of three, hold your breath for a count of three and then gently exhale to a count of three.

  1. What’s the best that could happen?

Instead of thinking about what can go wrong think about what can go right. Raise your expectations. Fear often melts away when you think about positive outcomes. Create the outcome you want in your mind and focus on it to get rid of your fear. Keep doing this and you will find it easier to believe that positive things can happen.

  1. Do some exercise

Physical exercise burns away more than just fat; it also burns away fear. After all it’s hard to be afraid when you’re exhausted. You can go on a run, or a walk, or just lift some weights. Whatever you do you’ll realize your more relaxed and calmer when you’re a little out of breath. The real reason you feel better is that exercise produces endorphins which lift your mood.

  1. Get help if you need it

Take the time to talk to friends or mentors, but be choosy about it. You want those who will be supportive. Try to find someone who has gone through the same things you are and support each other. Online forums are a good place to find help too. You stay anonymous as well which makes it easier to discuss your problems. There are coaches now who can give you guidance and direction. I know I certainly can.

  1. Understand that changes can cause fear

Sometimes when you feel afraid you are also excited. This is because you could be about to make a positive change in your life. You need to understand that nothing changes when you are completely comfortable with your life. So you should feel excited if a change makes you a little afraid. You really could be about to change your life for the better. Look forward with anticipation and watch what wonderful things can happen in your life.

  1. List the things that will be better if you move ahead

It can help to make a list of all the positive things that could happen if you face your fear. Think of different reasons to motivate and push you forward. If you are starting a new business for example then the positive outcomes are the potential to earn more money by doing something you love. You’ll be living your dream while also overcoming your fear and feeling great about it. Focus on these things you want to happen, not the things you don’t want to happen.

  1. Just do it anyway

Push through your fearFear may have you tied up in knots, but it is a terrible reason to not do something. Fear is usually unfounded. Stay brave and just do what you were going to do anyway. The more you do things that make you afraid the easier it is. You can build a tolerance to fear by facing it. Fear begins to dissolve. Be courageous. There is no courage without fear. If there is fear you can find your courage.

  1. Bonus strategy! Ask for healing 

Ask for healing of the root cause of your fear. You can do this with the Soul Healing Prayer. If you haven’t received your own copy, please click on this link.

Fear is often something that holds us back. It’s a roadblock you put down yourself. You need to know how to control fear so that you can move forward with your life. Feeling fear means that you’re about to make a great change. Don’t be scared by that; be excited!  Do healing work as necessary.

3 Easy Ways to Tap into Your Joyful Heart

Your heart on Joy

3 Easy Ways to Tap into Your Joyful Heart

Are you ready to tap into your joyful heart?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine says that your heart holds the emotion of Joy. It also holds the emotion of sadness. It isn’t unusual for us to get caught in the sadness and allow it to hide the joy which is our birth right.

Yep, Joy is your birthright. You were made to live in Joy, to enjoy.

The problem is that our lives become filled with the mundane things of life. We’re so busy juggling tasks and responsibilities that we don’t make time to do what brings us happiness. We don’t take the time to en-Joy what is around us.

Did you know that not having joy in your daily life has been known to lead to unhappiness?

In fact, a lack of joy in your daily life can have long term negative consequences to your health.

Consider the symbolism of a hurting heart. A physically hurting heart can lead to cardio-vascular problems including heart attacks, high blood pressure, heart murmurs and more.

One of the best ways to prevent physical heart problems is to have a life filled with joy. There is medical research to back this up.

Several well-known studies have found that positive emotions, including joy, have a profound positive effect on your health. One such study entitled “Positive Emotion and Health: Going Beyond the Negative,” was published in the July 2005 issue of Health Psychology. This research study found:

Having joy and optimism provided a 51% reduction in the rates of heart disease among men who were followed for 10 years during the study.

Although women weren’t studied, you can be sure positive emotions such as joy and hope would reduce our incidence of heart disease as well. Those emotions also protected the individuals from high blood pressure, diabetes, and upper respiratory infections.

Pretty cool, don’t you think?

No pills neededNo medication needed. Simply add joy, delight, and hope and move about your life.

Let’s talk about three easy ways to notice where Joy is hiding in your life.

How to do it!

I’d like you to choose one of the three methods below and DO IT today. They’re simple. You just need to be aware.

  1. Take time to appreciate and delve in activities that delight you.You know that energy lag in the middle of the day? The one where you get coffee or something sweet? Yes, that one.

Try this instead. (You can easily do this at work.) Bring to mind something you enjoy. It could even be something you haven’t done in a while. Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing it. If it’s hiking, immerse yourself in your last hike. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel those feelings of joy, delight and contentment.

If you enjoy making things, imagine yourself in every step of putting together something.

Whenever you feel your energy beginning to dwindle during the day, take a break and focus on something that brings you pleasure.

Be sure and schedule a time for you to physically do what you’re imagining.

  • Give yourself permission to have little “joy breaks” throughout your day. Focus on family, friends, a favorite memory. These will instantly lift your mood, as well as reduce stress and recharge your energy.
  • Simple things like savoring a cup of your favorite tea (I’m a tea person) or coffee, or reconnecting with an old friend have the ability to bring you joy.
  • Take time each day to focus on those simple activities that make you feel happier. You will benefit greatly and so will your heart.
  1. Be Joyful!Count your blessings. When things get tough and you feel overwhelmed, take 60 seconds and list as many blessings as you can think of. Focusing on the people, things and activities in your life which are going in a positive direction. Allow your heart to fill with appreciation.
  • Feeling and expressing gratitude are very powerful. When you take time to reflect on better times in the past, what’s going well now, you can instantly lift your mood. This gives you the strength to keep working towards your goals.
  • Consider keeping a “blessings journal.” When life gets so difficult you can’t think of one thing to be thankful for, pull out your blessings journal and read it. This will help lift you up and encourage you during the difficult times.
  1. Change things up and do something new. The same ol’ routine can make life dull and unexciting. Why not try something completely different to rediscover your joy?
  • Your imagination is the only limit. You can explore a new route to and from work, do that one thing you’ve always said, “I need to…” Try a new recipe. Change your daily routine where possible.
  • Consider learning a new skill or hobby. If you don’t have a hobby in mind, try something you wanted to do as a child or before life got so busy. Did you dream of traveling to a faraway country in the past? Go online and explore places you’d like to visit. Consider taking classes to learn that country’s language and then plan a trip.

They key is to make time for laughter and fun throughout your day.

You will you rediscover your joy, strengthen your health, and increase your own happiness. You’ll also discover an increase in energy and you’ll be happier.

Your positive outlook will have a positive effect upon others around you. Your increased joy might lead to increasing their level of joy, too… and we know the world certainly needs more of that!

To heal those wounds which limit your joy, get the 5-Step Soul Healing Prayer.

Anchoring in Happiness to Overcome Fear

The Power of Anchoring in Happiness to Overcome Fear

After having completed a week of studying the chapter called “Self-Confidence” in Napoleon Hill’s 1925 edition of The Law of Success, I wanted to present a powerful tool for overcoming fear that was popularized in the latter part of the 20th Century. This tool is one anyone who can touch their body in any way can use. If you make diligent use of this simple little technique you will be able to overcome your fear of success or of failure. The result being that you will be able to achieve your goals.

First Step Is Complex Visualization

I’m sure you have heard of the importance of visualizing your goal to fix them firmly in your mind. Because the of the word “visualization,” people think they only need to form an image. Most don’t realize that fixing your goal firmly in mind also requires the incorporation of all your senses. For instance, if your goal is to have a loving relationship, form a scene in your mind of what that loving relationship would not only look like, but also the sounds, tastes, smells and touches involved. The most powerful addition to your image is your own personal feelings. Be sure and feel the emotions of love, acceptance, joy, desire in this relationship you want.

If your visualization is about money, form an image of all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, emotions and physical sensations of what having money is to you. If being wealthy involves good food and drink, smell the aromas, taste the savory or sweetness of what you put in your mouth, hear the background sounds of wherever you want to be enjoying this meal, feel the texture of the money in your hand, see your bank statement, experience the feelings of security that come with your money.

Second Step is Color

As you can tell, forming your visualization can take some time and, if done with full activation of all your senses, can be rather complex. You gather your total experience and link it to a color. What color represents for you the scene you so completely formed? If you are color blind and can only see shades of grey, choose a part of your image, say a wine glass, tree or twenty dollar bill that can bring to mind the entire scene. See this color or image overlay the deep sensory image you have developed.

Third Step is Anchoring in the Scene

You want a very quick action that anchors in your complex visualization. Your body is an information transmitter. Put information in your body and it will hold it there for you. This is a type of cellular memory. Make use of this power of your body by anchoring in your complex and complete sensory scene you developed. Touch your body while the scene in your mind is at its height with the color or single image you have selected to represent the whole. Bringing your thumb and forefinger together of one hand is what most people use. If you experience paralysis that prevents you from moving your fingers, press your lips together firmly, move your tongue in a particular way or even squeeze your eyes shut. Once you combine the physical anchor with the color or symbolic representation and anchor this into your body with some sort of physical touch, you have what you need to eliminate fear.

Forth Step Is Using the Positive to Extinguish the Fear

Now you are set for a very simple process that, when used regularly, will assist you in get rid of your fear. Note I wrote “simple.” I did not say this is easy. The simple process takes dedication and commitment.

Be sure you are not touching you body using your physical anchor. Now bring to mind your fear. Experience your feelings of fear. Now use your physical anchor, such as bringing your thumb and forefinger together. See the color or symbol you developed to represent your complex scene. Get in touch with all the sensory information of the scene that is positive for you. When the fear is gone, or at a very low level, release your physical anchor and repeat the process.

You can do this if you will make the time and effort to do so.

Everything You Need to Succeed Is Within You

Everything You Need to Succeed Is Within You

People come to see me because they feel stuck and need some help. They may be attracted by the tools I use such as The BodyTalk System, PSYCH-K, Soul Healing and other tools. They are powerful tools, but they are all devised to bring the person recognize the only one who can really help them… and it’s not me.

My job is to assist the client in looking within and finding the power that is already there. By the time the individual comes for assistance, he or she has experienced many incidents of what is interpreted as failure by themselves or others. Some of this supposed failure is in the realm of accomplishment in school and jobs. Other failures, which are the most debilitating, revolve around not being the person he or she wants to be. Everyone, if honest with him or herself, has had these times. When this happens there is a great reluctance to look at oneself in the mirror.

Are you one of those people struggling to get beyond a history of personal failures? Are you one of those who is afraid or ashamed to look yourself in the eye and tell the truth about yourself?

Personal Truth is Not What You Think

When people talk about being honest with themselves, they are usually referring to admitting their faults and character defects. It is important to acknowledge where you have been in your life and what, within you, has put you where you are. Once you accept your personal accountability, you then need to move away from your failures and do a different inventory of yourself. You must, and I do mean must, look deep within and find the gifts and talents you have. The abilities you have within you are what will move you from where you are to what you want to be.

Napoleon Hill, in the 1925 version of The Law of Success, tells the true story of a man who went from homelessness to being the president of a multinational company simply by accepting that his power was within him – and then gathering that power to move him forward to where he wanted to go. If you wish to succeed, you must look yourself squarely in the eye and accept your total responsibility for what has happened in your life. If you blame your current situation on forces outside of yourself, no matter what difficulties or horrors have happened in your life, then you will never move forward in life. If, however, you accept the responsibility for your responses to what has happened to you, you then know that you have the ability to respond to life’s situations in a different manner. When you respond differently then you will be in a different place.

Your Personal Inventory of Strengths

Take out a piece of paper and write down something you do well. It doesn’t matter how mundane you believe that “something” is. It could be your ability to cross the street safely. Now list at least 10 characteristics within you that assist you in performing that action. For instance, if you choose crossing the street safely, you could list: being aware of my environment, the desire to stay alive, evaluation of the speed of vehicles, knowing how fast I move, the ability to judge distances. What are other characteristics that assist you in walking across the street safely?

Do this little exercise on several different activities you do. Notice the characteristics which show up more than once. These are the characteristics you have within you which, when activated consciously, will move you from where you are now to a place of success.

There is no one who can turn you into a success. You can have ten different coaches, but if you don’t accept responsibility and take action, you will never move to where you desire to be.

The Mastery of Fear

The Mastery of Fear

The Mastery of Fear can be a wonderful emotion that keeps you alive. It is fear which has you react quickly and without thought when there is an on-coming car. Your instincts take over and, without thought or analysis, you move quickly out of the way of danger. As much as fear can keep you alive, it can also freeze you into inaction. You can become so terrified you will be hurt in some way that you refuse to take risks and try new things. In this situation fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real.

False Evidence

When your mind runs wild with the danger of taking a particular action, you are convincing yourself of something you have no evidence will actually happen. Let’s say you’re interested in mountain climbing but you’re terrified you’ll fall and either die or be severely hurt. True, this has happened to many people, but not to as many as you might think. The news takes great relish in furiously reporting death and destruction. It rarely reports life and excitement, unless it’s involving a national or college sports team.

How many people do you know who have successfully climbed the 55 fourteeners (14,000+ foot high peaks) in Colorado? I have no idea, but I did a quick internet search using the keywords, “climbing the 14000 foot mountains of Colorado.” There were 774,000 results with the top ones containing a tremendous amount of information of the 14ers, the moniker used by one web site. If you have a desire to climb, are you going to be paralyzed by the negative of what might happen or by the positive accomplishments of tens of thousands of people who regularly climb?

By researching you can learn the definite danger spots of climbing mountains, or any other endeavor for that matter, and form a plan to overcome them. All you need is education, a plan of action, the right equipment or tools, and the desire to move forward.

Appearing Real

When your self-talk is negative, you are training your brain to be afraid. You’ve heard the saying, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” (This came from the movie “The Fly” with Jeff Goldbloom.) Although, the actual intent of the slogan was humorous, your negative self-talk is training your mind to be in a state of fear. You would protect yourself more by being wary of what you can do to yourself through your thoughts and beliefs than fearing whatever effect an action you take can have. When you combine the power of your emotions with thoughts, you form a chemical bond which imprints upon your brain. Your thoughts plus emotion can form a loop which is difficult to break out of. Use positive feelings with positive thoughts and you will move further in life in one year than you have ever done before.

Your brain and your mental abilities are amazing. Science is just beginning to seriously study the power of the combination of your thoughts plus your emotions. We are learning that the thought plus emotion combo fools your brain into believing that what you are thinking of is real. When you combine emotions of fear with thoughts of “I can’t do this or something bad will happen,” your brain believes it is real. You’ve just created for yourselfFalse Evidence Appearing Real.

Napoleon Hill in “The Law of Success” talks about how the enemy of progress is fear. It can immobilize you if you let it. It can prevent you from accessing the power residing within you to fulfill your dreams. It will quench the passion which fuels your action.

The promise in the power you have within you if you only allow it to bloom, is that by controlling what you think and feel, and that includes fear and thoughts of fear, you can accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.