Healing Dis-ease from a Distance Pt. 2

Healing Dis-ease from a Distance Pt. 2

[one_half] Earlier, I differentiated between traditional or allopathic medicine from complementary or alternative healing.

In short, traditional medicine views illness as something originating in the body. If you fix the ailing part then the body is fixed. Alternative medicine sees the illness or dis-ease as a symptom of what is happening in the mental, emotional or spiritual bodies, also known as the energy bodies.

I’m working with some folks who are addressing their life-threatening physical problems. One is doing so totally from alternative means. The other is using a combination of allopathic and alternative. I’m providing one aspect of the alternative modalities for both.

Because of my belief that physical problems are a direct result of mental, emotional and spiritual issues, I assist people in resolving these causes of their dis-ease.

Whether people come see me in the office or we do the work over the phone I have a process I follow to assist them.

The assessment. This is a conversation in which we identify the various feelings, beliefs and events in life which are manifesting themselves physically. You can do this for yourself right now. Simply make a list of what you worry about, what past events cause emotional pain when you recall them, who you don’t want to see, and what you want to change in your life.

Your part. I then outline what you need to do for self-healing. If you are not actively involved in your healing you are not going to get better. I’m not talking about finding people to do it for you. I’m talking about doing your own work.The first healing [/one_half] [one_half_last]tool I introduce people to is the Soul Healing Prayer. (If you don’t have your own copy, go www.GroupDistanceHealing.com and sign up to receive it.) I ask them to use the prayer on three events, or more, per day every day. You can do that now.

You also need to change what you can about what got you into your health crisis. Eat healthy foods, flood your body with good nutrition, detox your body, change the way you think and learn to manage your feelings. I also suggest people use guided imagery healing which assists in releasing the wounds of the past. When the energy holding in these wounds is released, the body has more energy to bring itself to wholeness.

My part. I tap into the energy of the one who is ready to heal and do distance healing. The primary modalities I use are The BodyTalk System, PSYCH-KR and intuitive healing connecting to my spiritual healing team. I’m able to bring in supportive beliefs, identify and free areas of congested energy, and discover other areas you need to address.

You have to realize that you are the one in control of your healing. You have to participate in moving yourself to wholeness. If you would like to explore more deeply moving yourself to wholeness through an individual session, email me at Cathy@OdysseyToWholeness.com. You may find the Distance Group Healing is most beneficial for you. You register for that program at www.GroupDistanceHealing.com.[/one_half_last]

Healing Dis-ease from a Distance Pt 1

Healing Dis-ease from a Distance Pt 1

[one_half]I’m journeying with two people who are struggling with life-threatening illness… what many of us in the holistic field prefer to call “dis-ease.”

Both are addressing the problems in their physical body.  One is doing so totally through alternative means. The other uses a combination of alternative and allopathic (MDs).

I work with them on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of their healing to free the energy trapped by those events allowing the body to self-heal.

When working in the alternative or complementary healing area it’s important to understand the differing philosophies. Your traditional method of healing, what is technically called allopathic medicine, views the body as a complex conglomeration of parts that join together to make up the body. For them illness begins in the body. They also believe that if you fix the broken “part” then you fix the body.

Alternative healing from the mind-body perspective, at least as I practice it, looks at the physical body as a system consisting of the physical and energetic bodies. The energy bodies are composed of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. When I work with people I see dis-ease beginning in the energy bodies, not the physical body.

The practitioner’s belief about where dis-ease begins is crucial. It determines how the practitioner approaches healing. If you believe illness begins in the body, then you focus only on the physical body. You do all you can to attempt to correct it by physical means.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]If you believe the dis-ease of the physical body begins in the energy body, you work to bring the energy body into balance. The problems experienced in the physical body are only symptoms of what is happening in the energy bodies.

Let’s take cancer as an example.

When you go to an MD for cancer treatment he or she will prescribe chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or a  combination of all three. Unless you are going to a holistic physician, the MD pays little if any attention to the mental, emotional or spiritual causes of the dis-ease. In fact, many MDs don’t believe there are any causes other than  abnormal cell growth. Most don’t even pay attention to nutrition.

When someone comes to me with cancer I first find out how they want to address this dis-ease. Whatever modality they choose, alternative, allopathic or a combination of both, doesn’t matter to me. I’ll support them in their choice.

Once we discuss their choice, I then educate them about the importance of resolving the mental, emotional and spiritual triggers for what is happening in their body. We then get to work.

I must tell you that the most difficult part of the road to wellness from the mind-body perspective is facing and resolving the beliefs and wounds from the past. The majority of people would rather experience physical pain than confront the emotional pain fermenting the dis-ease within the physical body.[/one_half_last]

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