13 Things to Make Tomorrow Morning Better

girl_morning-810x37613 Things to Make Tomorrow Morning Better

Do you find the morning to be too much of a rush? It can feel like a day has passed before you even start work some days when there’s too much to do. There are some things that make mornings less stressful though. These are some suggestions that make your day less hectic.

Save Time in the Morning With These 8 Tricks

The best way to make a morning better is to save some time. These are some great tips to stay on schedule.

  1. Make a plan

It’s possible you’re trying to do too much too quickly. Make a plan and see how much time you need for everything you usually do. That way you can also work out when you should be waking up to start each day rested with enough time.

  1. Keep things organised

Do you know where the things you need are? Keeping essential items where they need to be can save you time as you search for everything in the morning.

  1. Keep up to date with the weather

Weather problems like rain and snow can change your plans for you. Take a look at how the weather will be in the morning before going to bed. That way you can prepare coats and boots if necessary.

  1. Get a breakfast ready

Breakfast is important because it gives you energy in the morning and helps you avoid snacking later. Get the ingredients ready for your breakfast the night before so everything is ready and waiting in the morning.

  1. Prepare an outfitIMG_20140810_1246111

As well as preparing a breakfast it helps to prepare your outfit in advance. Hang it up in your closet or on your bedroom door ready to go in the morning. Consider buying a steamer to reduce ironing times too.

  1. Keep it simple

How long is your beauty regime in the morning? If you take too long to get ready then cut down on the products and find a simpler hairstyle.

  1. Write down notes

You can save your brainpower by writing down little notes or setting reminders to do things like picking up the dry cleaning or prescriptions.

  1. Make your commute shorter

It’s been proven that the length of your commute can have a drastic effect on your overall health and wellbeing. It’s a big decision to change your job or move house but it’s something you may have to consider. The average commute in the US is 25.5 minutes. If your commute lasts longer than that find a way to shorten it.

fawef5 Methods to Make a Morning Peaceful

No matter what you do you need to stay calm and focused. It’s not that difficult either. It’s about your attitude. Here are five tips to enable you to enjoy your mornings more.

  1. Light levels are important

Light can really affect your brain. When you go to bed make sure to close the curtains and darken your room so you can sleep easier. The opposite is also true when it comes to waking up. Opening the curtains wide and exposing yourself to the morning sun gets rid of grogginess and perks you up.

  1. Give meditation a try

Meditating before bed or saying a prayer can improve your dreams. You can also meditate in the morning to stay positive.

  1. Don’t press snooze!

If you habitually press the snooze button then move your alarm clock. Sleeping for ten more minutes will just leave you more tired and feeling worse. By the time you get up and shut off your alarm you’ll be perkier.

  1. Listen to musicclip-art-listening-to-ipod-clipart-1

Preparing music to listen to in the morning can really help to. Fast paced and lively music helps perk you up in the morning while gentler music can help calm your nerves if you are feeling apprehensive, such as if you have a job interview or important presentation to give.

  1. Listen to a podcast

You can learn on the go and get more out of your commute by downloading educational podcasts on subjects that interest you. It will also help alleviate the boredom of commuting.

It’s pretty easy to get better at waking up in the morning. Make your mornings more productive by starting off the day right. You can also keep away stress and stay productive for longer that way.

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