Help You Find Your Place in Life

imageWays to Use Affirmations to Help You Find Your Place in Life

I’m going to share with you some affirmations you can use to find your passion and what you do in life. First, let me share what happened with an acquaintance. I was doing a Body Talk session with her and boredom  and came up. Unfortunately, boredom is a common experience of people in their job. Many people feel stuck because they aren’t happy with what they’re doing or they feel that something is lacking, but they don’t know how to find that sweet spot of life.

How You Block Your Inner Knowing

Within you, what I call your inner knowing, is the answer to what it is you would like to do with your life. It isn’t often in the form of a bill board. The answer is rarely delivered in a letter. Usually, you come to know where you belong in the work world by paying attending to the excitement or tingling sensation which comes when you think about a particular opportunity.

Many people try too hard to figure out what they want to do. Often, they completely forget to notice what they already enjoy. The key to your passion is what you love to do. There can be a wide variety of activities or occupations in what you most enjoy. For instance, if you enjoy working with children, and have the necessary education, you could be a teacher, adoption worker, foster care worker, own a day care, work with the Special Olympics, be a foster or adoptive parent, run or work in a camp, or multitudes of other possibilities.

Others cut off the knowledge that comes from deep within because they’re afraid of making a mistake with their choice. If you have an idea of what you would like to do, and it involves a great deal of education, volunteer or apprentice in that particular area if at all possible. I have a cousin who wanted to be a nurse. That is an intense educational process. She decided to see if she would like that vocation by becoming educated at the lowest level of caretaking in the nursing field. After discovering she did, indeed, enjoy the nursing field, she became a nurse and worked in it for a number of years.

If you only work in your chosen field for a few years, you’ve gained invaluable experience.  My personal belief is that every job or profession you undertake, as well as every experience in life, brings you to whatever is next. There are no mistakes in this area. There is only a gathering of experience and learning. Go ahead and take a risk and try doing something you have in mind.

Affirmations to Clear the Subconscious Mind

Now let’s give your subconscious mind some instructions. These instructions are very important. They tell your subconscious mind what it is you actually want to happen in your life. Whatever is there on the deepest levels of yourself, that is what your subconscious mind works to make happen. We want to give this very powerful and often forgotten aspect of yourself some clear instructions about what you want. Remember, we want them to be positive.

Before I give you these affirmations, I want to impress upon you the importance of engaging the feeling level of yourself in this process. Don’t just repeat the statements to yourself like the multiplication tables. Feel them. See yourself engaged and happy in whatever it is you’re doing. Use all of your senses as you repeat these affirmations to yourself.

  1. It is easy for me to know what I want to do with my life.
  2. I pay attention to the quiet whispers of my inner knowing.
  3. Every day my passion in life becomes clearer and clearer.
  4. I am excited, delighted and fulfilled by what I have chosen to do.
  5. I am filled with a sense of purpose.

Get started with these affirmations, now. Search the Internet for others which ring true to you. Take a risk and have fun.

The Life and Death Choice that Resulted in Death

The Life and Death Choice that Resulted in Death

We all make stupid decisions or, perhaps, I should say choices. “Decisions” sound as if you listed pros and cons and then made a selection of the best thing to do. “Choices” is something you can make on the spur of the moment.

When I was driving home from Atlanta on Sunday, there was a car in front of me swerving back and forth. A couple of times she (I did get close enough to see her) missed the 18 wheeler to the right of her by inches. A few minutes later I thought she was going to hit the concrete barrier to the other side of the freeway. That would have put me and a slew of other cars and huge trucks crashing into each other.

To say I was getting worried was an understatement. I was looking for a way out of the unusual amount of traffic that Sunday morning. (People were returning home after the Alabama vs LSU football game.) Finally, she seemed to be staying in her lane. I took a huge chance and punched the gas peddle to get beyond her. That’s when I discovered the driver was a she and SHE was texting. Hopefully, she made it home and no one was hurt or killed.

A few minutes later I passed a black SUV with a bumper sticker at the top of the back window. “My brother was killed by a distracted driver.” That young woman made a choice to text when she knew it was dangerous. She figured it wouldn’t happen to her. After all, she was being careful. As I see written… NOT. I can’t believe her passenger wasn’t wetting his or her pants. Texting may have been happening from that seat, also. Texting in the passenger seat is allowed.

When I got home I heard the news that one of my nephew’s dear friends wasn’t so lucky. He was engaged in behavior that “everyone” knew was dangerous. There certainly is enough information out there for “everyone” to know that what he was doing was tempting death. He tempted one time too many and death grabbed him. His beautiful life gone. His family and friends are grieving. The world doesn’t get to discover what a gentle and wonderful person he was. He was also very bright… and very stupid. He died for his stupid choice because he felt invincible. “It won’t happen to me” can be pathetic last words.

Think about the stupid things you did yesterday that could have resulted in your death. Perhaps you became impatient and crossed the street earlier than was safe. Maybe you allowed yourself to be distracted while driving. You and I do dumb things every day that “but for the grace of God go I” into the grave, or the hospital.

There is a balance between taking risks and being stupid. Life is full of risks. You can’t progress far if you don’t take some. There are those risks that are just stupid… texting while driving, drinking while driving, taking drugs, walking on the edge of the slick cliff. There are actions that appear risky to those who don’t have skill, that are not as risky to those who do have skill. Know the difference.

My deepest sympathy to Alex’s family and friends. I’m sure that the young man I once met would have made another choice if he knew his death would be the result. He didn’t think it could happen to him.