my photoI enjoy writing, teaching and musing about what is going on in the world, both the inner world of the individual and the out world of, well, the world.

I’m not sure how this site will develop. Some of it is to let clients and future clients know what I think.  Some of it is the pure desire to allow my thoughts to waft through the universe. Don’t ask me why. There are numerous people willing to wax poetic and not so poetic on why they disagree with anyone who says anything.

Then there are those, and these are the people I’m really writing for, who want to read from someone with some experience (I’ve been practicing psychotherapy since 1975) about their thoughts and views on whatever.

There will be times I recommend certain resources. Some of these resources will be mine. Other recommendations will be to other people’s. Some of those “others” give me a financial offering of appreciation for sending a customer their way. You could call it a commission. Others don’t give me anything. Just assume that you may assist me in benefiting financially with any link you click on… and I give you my deepest thanks.

If you are interested in more of my work, my therapy work, both in the office and at a distance, is found at https://OdysseyToWholeness.com. A really cool and powerful healing prayer is waiting for you at www.GroupDistanceHealing.com.

I also do metaphysical work. You can find that at https://AmmaTheDivineMother.com.

By the way, that’s my signature at the top of the site. For those of you who do handwriting analysis, my nephew said he fixed the curve of it some before putting it in the header… it went upwards at the end.  I know that can change results.

Have a wonderful and fun-filled day.


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