Know What’s in Your Heart: The Power of Thoughts and Feelings

booksHave you ever had a deep heartfelt revelation by reading fiction?

I wasn’t reading the book, but listening to it on audio.

I’m on one of my cross-country trips which covers about 6000 miles. I discovered it takes me about 16 ½ hours to go from Sedona Arizona to Houston Texas.  I know that because it took me a half-hour longer to get to Houston than my audio book lasted. A friend of mine had convinced me to listen to audiobooks as I’m traveling because it makes the time go by faster. She was certainly right.

Before the trip I stopped off at the Sedona library and selected six audiobooks only to discover five was the limit. The books that took the most time to listen to with the ones I selected.

My first selection was Bridge of Dreams by Anne Bishop. Turns out it was the last book in a series of five
or six of her Emphera series. There was enough information included in the story that I didn’t feel I missed anything.

What touched me was the premise of the book. It was about a world in which there are physical manifestations of what is in your heart. For instance, if you had anger rocks popped up in your garden. If you were wicked plants which stunk to high heaven popped up when you were nearby.

When people were taking their leave they were told “Carry your heart lightly because what is there becomes part of your landscape.”

Landscape, as used in the book, is taken literally. Boulders and flowers and trees can all appear based upon what you wish for in the deepness of your heart. In the book they are called Heart wishes.

What is in your heart?

Red_HeartThink about what is in your heart. I’m talking about the things you attempt to hide from others. You may smile sweetly as you tolerate someone else, but what if what you were carrying in your heart manifested physically. You wouldn’t be able to hide from anyone what you had in your heart.

The truth held in this book of fiction was not new to me, but I certainly needed to be reminded of the truth in a deep way.

I can try to hide from people what I actually feel about them or a particular topic, but my heart reveals my truth. If my heart changed the landscape around by sprouting flowers or raining down rocks people would know what my truth was no matter what I said.

We can fool others about what is in our heart. We can even fool ourselves about what is in our heart. We cannot fool Spirit or The Universe.

Instant feedback on what is in your heartmark-804935_1280

There is a form of technology known as biofeedback. In all probability you have heard of it. The biofeedback machine gives instant data on your heart rate, blood pressure and other functions of your body as thoughts and feelings go through you. Research has demonstrated that when you have instant data on how your thoughts affect your heart rate or blood pressure, you are then able to control your thoughts and, thus, your blood pressure more easily.

If you had rocks popping up around when you are angry or smelly plants following you along if your heart was filled with wickedness, then you would be less likely to be able to fool yourself into believing you were calm and peaceful.

Words are creative forces, but it is the energy behind those words which supply the creative power.

Consider the scenarios of when someone says “I love you.”

In the first situation someone you dearly love is looking into your eyes with a gentle smile saying those three powerful and beautiful words. You may have been waiting for months to hear them from this beloved person. Imagine how that feels?

Now consider the scenario in which someone you dearly love is tapping messages on to his or her phone and says “I love you” while tapping. How does that feel?

In this last scene imagine your beloved screaming in anger the words “I love you.” How does that feel?

All three of those different scenarios use the same three powerful words. Their effect, however, is dependent upon the energy behind the words. The full energy of love enters into you when someone has his or her full attention upon you and is professing his or her love.

When someone distractedly says “I love you” you don’t know if the words are directed at the phone or the television.

When those three powerful words are said in anger, they remain powerful, but the energy is painful and contrary to the feelings of love.

cactus-633827_1280If plants, rocks, boulders or suffocating thorny trees popped up when we expressed our feelings, we would be more aware of what was truly in our hearts. If our physical landscape actually changed when we made wishes as in “I wish he wasn’t here,” we would become aware of what our emotion behind our words can manifest.

Spend time today being aware of what is truly in your heart. What is the emotion behind your words and actions? What would your physical landscape look like as you go about your day? Are you producing sweet smelling and beautiful flowers or are you producing a horrible smelly plant such as the corpse flower?

Once you become aware then you are able to make changes in your thoughts and feelings. Awareness, mindfulness, produces a deep change within the heart if you are so willing.

Learn how to heal the wounds which cause the things in your heart you don’t want.