14 Habits that Help You Fall in Love with Yourself

14 Habits That Help You Fall More in Love with Yourself

Habits That Help You Fall More in Love with Yourself

Life is filled with wonder and delight when you love and value yourself.

Some people are concerned that self-love translates into selfishness. True self-love will not make you self-centered. In fact, it is those who don’t love themselves who have a tendency to be more self-centered. Loving yourself allows you to continually improve your relationship skills so that you relate well with others.

Loving oneself is difficult if you keep berating yourself, thinking poorly of yourself and doubt your ability to achieve what you most desire in life.

You hear discussions about how to have the best relationships. The primary way to have excellent relationships with others is to develop an excellent relationship with yourself. It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have, how you look or don’t look, how you feel about yourself will determine how you feel about life.

Positive Habits

I’ve listed some positive habits you can develop which can assist you in having loving relationship with yourself. Pick one or two and practice them daily for best results.

  • Meditate or be still daily.

    Being still, doing nothing but being present to yourself is a positive daily exercise. You can release the negativity of the day and gain insights which can assist you in life.

  • Care for your health.

    Reduce your alcohol, recreational drugs (if you use them) and junk food intake. Sleep well, eat well and exercise in order to stay healthy.

  • Love your body.

    Value your body no matter how it functions or what it looks like. Accept yourself as you are. If it is something you can change, develop a strategy or find a coach or professional to assist you.

  • Tidy your environment.

    You will feel better when your surroundings are clean and organized. It always feels good when you can find what you need in a matter of seconds rather than looking for hours.

  • Monitor your self-talk.

    Use positive words and less negative words. Don’t use harsh words on yourself. I know I mention this often. It is soooo crucial.

  • Clarify your purpose.

    Be clear about what you plan to achieve in life. What are the values important to you? If you’re not living up to them, develop a plan to bring your life into alignment with your values.

  • Engage in meaningful activities.

    Focus on those activities that mean the most to you. What do you need to do to be a good leader, have a different job or develop your spiritual life?

  • Live uniquely.

    Have your own unique lifestyle. Be uniquely you. If you’re intuitive, use it. Are you handy at crafts? Do them. If you love learning new things, learn. Do what is important to you to fulfill your dreams.

  • Play.

    Open yourself to fun. Engage in fun activities with your friends, pets if you have them or your family. Learn that you can have fun when laughing at yourself. We all do things which would be wonderful scenes in a funny movie or television show.

  • Look on the bright side.

    Find the good in any situation. The silver lining people talk about can be what you learn or the new direction your life will take you.

Self-Love Habits for Challenging Circumstances

When things happen that make you doubt yourself, here are some ways to boost your belief in yourself.

Self-Love Habits for Challenging Circumstances

  • Forgive yourself.

    Don’t dwell on past errors and the wrong choices you’ve made. Learn from them so you can deal with similar situations in a positive way. Forgive yourself and let go of the past so you can start afresh.

  • Heal from heartbreak.

    The end of a relationship no matter how hard is not the end of your life. It’s not the time to feel worthless or used. Use your healing tools even as you analyze what happened. To heal wish the one who hurt you well.

  • Coping with unemployment.

    Losing your job or being unable to find one is devastating to the self-esteem of most people. Find ways to keep yourself going. Look for new and different things you can do while you are looking. Perhaps it’s time to gain new skills no matter what your age.

  • Seek healing.

    The wounds of childhood have a huge impact upon how you feel about yourself. If you were unaccepted as a child the chances are you believe something is wrong with you. Find someone to assist you. This could be a therapist, support group or coach.

Learning the art of self-love can change everything in your life. It may not change all the circumstances, but it will change your inner world. That will have a positive effect upon your outer world.


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