Fear Hides Your Personal Power

Fear Hides Your Personal Power

I write this Sunday night after participating in my Mindscape study group. Mindscape is a process of delving deeply into the interior of yourself, into your subconscious mind, and discovering the power that is there. Our instructor and guide, Angela Adkins, introduced us to the theme for tonight which wFear Hides Your Poweras “lies we tell ourselves.” We then added variations of that theme such as “truths we avoid.”

Part of the process of our Mindscape session was to talk to the aspect of our self which is afraid of the truth and then go to our healing room.

I had some deep revelations about myself and about the fear of the truth. Most important for me was that the lies I tell myself or the truths I attempt to avoid all have to do with being afraid of exercising my power, my true power. There is a false power which is the power we attempt to exercise over someone, the power to control. Our true power is that which allows us to be a Light unto the world.

Healing the Fear, Healing the Brokenness

Whenever we allow ourselves to be healed we are accepting the truth of our brokenness. It is our brokenness, it is that fear of being who we truly are, which prevents us from being the powerful people we are.

There are two extremes of lies that we tell ourselves in regards to power. One is that we are totally powerless and are, therefore, victims. We have no control over anything that happens in our lives.

manipulationThe other extreme is we believe we have to exercise power over others through manipulation or intimidation in order to achieve what we want. This particular extreme is something we are seeing in some politicians, corporate executives, bosses and supervisors, people in authority and more. You can recognize this latter extreme use of power by the broken people left in their wake.

Most of us are not at either of the extremes of lying to ourselves about power. We are somewhere in the middle, sometimes victim, sometimes perpetrator.

These perverse exercises of power, or lack of the exercise of power, are all due to our woundedness. We have to find a way to survive in this world. If we cannot connect from the integrity of our heart then we will not be able to tap into the depth of our personal power.

Each time you make a choice to heal from a particular wound you allow the Light from which you were made to shine through. If you were raised in the Christian tradition you may have heard the expression, “Do not hide your light under a bushel.” Our woundedness places us in fear of what would happen if the purity of our Light truly shown forth. Would that Light be accepted? Would someone attempt to snuff out that Light because it was too bright or threatening for them? Would we be able to get what we want from others if we do not use manipulation of some kind?

Your true personal power comes from the Love of Spirit which resides within you. The unhealed wounds which occur from the pain and suffering of life hide that Light, that true power, under thick mud. Every time you engage in healing of yourself some of that mud is shoveled off of your Light. The more mud which is removed the more your Light is able to shine through.

I remind you that you were created from infinite Love. You were created in the image and likeness of God which is Love Itself. This is why I use the term Love Incarnate to describe who you are. The Love that you are is hidden by fear which expresses itself in anxiety, envy, jealousy, anger and more. Each time you engage in self-healing you will find the level of those baser emotions, negative emotions, decrease. You will find that you have less fear leading to a lessening of the intensity of those other emotions.

There is a paradox, however. When you are in the early stages of intense self-healing, you may find that the fear increases rather than decreases. When you begin to look honestly at yourself and realize how wounded you are and how that woundedness has led you to words and actions which hurt others, you may become afraid of what it is you will truly find within you. What if you do not find Love? What if you do not find Power? What if you find that you do not like yourself? These questions may unleash more fear which is expressed in words and actions resulting in the baser emotions.

Move through your fear. Keep self-healing. Be tenacious in self-healing. Ask for the healing of the wounds which are supporting your fear in whatever way that fear is expressing itself.

I want you to know you can move through these emotions, these fears. I know this because I have done so and I am no different than you are. The themes of our stories are the same. The details and plot points are different. We all struggle to love and be loved. We all struggle to come to know who it is we truly are. We may move through those struggles in different ways, but the struggle is there.

Continue removing the mud which is hiding your Light. Take the risk to discover what an amazing and marvelous being you truly are.

If you have not yet used the Soul Healing Prayer, please click on the button belief. It is one of my main modes of healing.

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