As Above, So Below: The Intricacies of Life

As Above, So Below: The Spiritual World Must Be as Intricate as the Physical World

On my Facebook Page I see photos, read amazing stories, learn of various experience upon this earth that I know we live in a beautiful complex world.

Doesn’t that hint at the spiritual world, that world we don’t see, as being equally complex? It does for me.

Return from Tomorrow

I’ve had a fascination with near death experiences. A few decades ago, when Raymond Moody’s books came out, I slurped them up avidly.

I wanted to know what people saw on “the other side.”

As I was exploring, I found the book Return from Tomorrow. There were several things in this particular book which fascinated me.

You Can Be So Focused on This World You Don’t Go to the Next

When Ritchie was “traveling” after his clinical death, he observed a wealth of life among those who had died. I realize that sounds strange. He saw people acting just like they would if they were on earth. There were multitudes of people completely unaware they were dead.

One guy was talking on an “old timey” phone from the 1920s in the same office his son was speaking on a slick new phone (of the 1940s). The guy was physically dead but he didn’t know it. His life on earth had been centered around work and, when everyone else knew he was dead, he continued working totally unaware of being dead.

That sounds strange, even ridiculous, but I have some fascinating stories I’ll need to share in another post about my experiences in this area.

How He Could Tell Who Was Physically Alive and Who Wasn’t

Ritchie began to notice that certain people had light around them. I thought this meant they were alive. He then said this light was the light of God with them attempting to guide people “home.”

I was touched deeply by Ritchie’s experience that God never gave up on us, not even after death. God was attempting to penetrated the stubbornness of feelings and beliefs of those who were either too terrified to come “home” or who held onto old beliefs so tenaciously they couldn’t see the truth of Love.

There Were People Who Invented

He saw an amazing image of people working on what he recognized was a submarine. It was only some years later when a new advanced submarine was loudly proclaimed in the news that he realized he had seen that submarine being developed “on the other side.”I was delighted by the affirmation there were many different activities we could participate in once we left our physical bodies.

As Above So Below

The saying, “As Above So Below” has been known at least since the 6th Century. Some saw it goes back to ancient Greece.

Isaac Newton’s translation of the relevant passage is:

Tis true without error, certain & most true.

That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.

Having heard “As Above So Below” for decades and coupling it with Ritchie’s experience while he was clinically dead, I considered my experiences in my spiritual life.

Growing Up Catholic

angelsOne advantage of Catholicism is that we believe there are those who assist us spiritually other than Jesus and other “aspects” (in quotes because they don’t use that term) of God. From what I know of Protestantism, their belief is only in God as in Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Catholics have a wide range of saints and angels we’ve been taught to ask for assistance. No, not worship. Ask for assistance.

Having scooted over in my desk when I was in First Grade to make room for my Guardian Angel, I was well acquainted with asking for assistance.

The New Age or Metaphysical World

When I delved into the New Age world, I became acquainted with more spiritual beings who assisted me. Yes, there were angels. I also became aware there were more than angels. We didn’t stop being of service to others just because we physically died. We still served. We helped. We gave assistance. Some were inventors like those folks Ritchie saw. Others imparted wisdom.

There are even those who literally intervened when no one was around to miraculously keep me from killing myself due to the way I was driving. Those are fascinating stories.

Your Healing Team and My Healing Guides

As you know, I work with facilitating healing in others. I did so as a therapist. I continue to do so as a Life Coach and energy based healing facilitator. I love what I do. I don’t do this alone.

Yes, of course, the person I’m working with is fully involved.

I also have a spiritual support team who guides and directs me in what I do. I call they my Healing Guides. Each client (including myself) has their own spiritual support team who assists them in healing and balancing. Their Healing Team and my Healing Guides work together intimately.

I receive intuitive messages about where I need to focus and what I need to do to assist the person I’m working with. Sometimes, like yesterday, I discover new and amazing things about the human energy field. In this instance I learn about an energy channel which flows from the pranic tube into the chakra and around each of the layers of the chakra.

Wow! Awesome! How amazing and complex is this spiritual world of ours!

If you haven’t considered the spiritual world populated with people having as diverse “jobs” as you find here on Earth, think about it. At least put it in the realm of possibility.

If you want to read about Ritchie’s experience, click on the image and you’ll be taken to Amazon. It is my affiliate link so I’ll receive a few pennies if you purchase the book and anything else you purchase while there.

If you’d like to make an appointment to explore your spiritual support team, you may make an appointment by going ->>>>  here  <<<<<<-  This will take you to my appointment calendar.

Get in touch with your spiritual support team. They will enrich your life.

5 thoughts on “As Above, So Below: The Intricacies of Life”

  1. “I did so as a therapist. I continue to do so as a Life Coach and energy based healing facilitator.” – same!

    What an interesting story! What I am curious about is how something that was first invented in the Otherworld was later invented here. How did they pass on the information?

    It reminds me of people who create healing systems who say that were guided to do so. But I guess some people aren’t aware of the guidance.

    I am not sure what I think about people not knowing they are dead. I am a medium (of sorts) & I have never had a conversation with anyone who didn’t know they were dead. I can understand maybe not wanting to leave. My mother, who passed away last month, definitely knows she is dead.

    Thanks for sharing that story!

  2. I don’t call myself a medium, but I have assisted many people pass over. Those who didn’t know they were dead often go quickly, as in as soon as they discover they’re dead. It is fascinating. You might want to google it. There are numerous references to that phenomena. Thanks for your comments!

  3. I had an interesting experience today. Every year, the local rock & fossil group puts on a show/sale with various vendors attending. It’s a two-day event. I typically go on Saturday, but I have other plans tomorrow that will keep me from it.

    Today was quiet. It’s usually quite busy when I’m there, but apparently that’s because it’s on Saturday when I go. Friday is an entirely different atmosphere. Vendors barter, trade, and sell amongst themselves more. They visit more with customers. There’s quiet and space to hear yourself think.

    And to feel what you’re being told.

    There was a booth at the back of the room with some interesting rocks. Nothing caught my attention. I was going to go to a different one but went around to the side and the back wall. I saw selenite towers and double-pointed, well…, wands. I picked one up and felt it vibrate in my hand. It was affordable, so I bought it. I’ve since learned it can be an aid in healing.

    Considering how the past 3-4 years have been for me, this is quite appropriate.

  4. That is amazing. People who are dead and who are so clueless that they have died that they just keep going to work. Nevertheless, this gives a great deal of hope that spirituality works and is a necessary part of life and the after life.

  5. I remember my first time experience that rocks had a vibration I could feel. A friend of mine and I were in a store which sold all types of book, implements and stones I wasn’t used to seeing. There were small bowls of rocks there. They just invited running our fingers through them. When we left, I said to me friend, “Could you feel different things in the bowls of rocks?” We both could and were just amazed.

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