Learning to Laugh at Yourself

laughing at yourselfLaugh at Yourself and Relax

Would you believe that having a good laugh at yourself can be liberating? Laughing when things go wrong helps you to avoid being frustrated or embarrassed when something goes wrong. It’s also a great releaser of tension.

In addition, seeing the behavior as funny gives you the room you need to grow. You don’t take yourself so seriously. Consider these benefits of laughing at yourself and lightening up overall.

The powerful benefits of learning to laugh at yourself

  1. Promotes healing

Humor can take the sting away from sensitive issues. When you look back at how you used to behave you can create better responses when you are compassionate with yourself rather than judging yourself. Think of scenes you’ve seen in situation comedies. You might not think of laughing at them if they happened to you, but give it a try.

  1. Stress reductionYoga for stress reduction

It’s exhausting and even unhealthy to impress people all the time and live up to impossible expectations. Let go of the tension and relax with a good laugh, even laugh at yourself. Have you heard of laughing yoga? Look it up and discover how to laugh even when you don’t feel like it.

  1. Achieve goals and take risks

Working on challenging goals can expand your skill set and improve your knowledge. You might not succeed the first time but you’re more likely to try again when you stay cheerful about the situation. Have you ever laughed or grinned when an infant is learning to walk? When you’re learning something new think of yourself as learning to walk… and laugh!

  1. Higher energy levels

Laughter is a great way to boost your energy. It gives your body more oxygen and keeps the blood pumping which invigorates you. Let the laughter come.

  1. Improved relationships

Trying to prove that you’re right all the time can damage your interactions and relationships with others. Friends and family will enjoy your company more when you stay flexible. Not being attached to your every point of view, and even admitting when some of them may be funny, releases tension between friends and colleagues.

  1. It’s free entertainment

It can be expensive to go watch a movie and play a video game. Having a laugh at yourself is free and a fun way to spend time. You’ll enjoy yourself more, also.

Give yourself a chance to laughGive yourself a chance to laugh with these opportunities

Here are a few opportunities to assist you in learning to laugh at yourself.

  1. Learning new languages

Studies have shown that communicating using another language will boost your thinking skills. It also gives you some funny stories when you say something wrong by accident such as declaring you’re pregnant when you mean something else entirely.

  1. Get a pet

Pets make everything more fun. They can make you smile just by doing something simple like drinking from a faucet you’re trying to use. Animals are surprisingly good at training humans to smile.

  1. Decorate your space

If you have a dull work space then decorate it a little. Bring in some small toys or great pictures. If at work, hide something funny in your drawer and bring it out when you need to lighten your mood.

  1. Be creatively “fashionable”

You can find whimsy in your clothes too. Find silly underwear and put it on. You’ll be the only one to know what’s really underneath your suit. If you’re a guy, wear a funny tie. Find something light hearted to wear as an accessory.

  1. Visit a thrift store

If you don’t have something fun with you then it’s time to go shopping. Thrift stores have numerous wonderful little trinkets that are bound to put a smile on your face, especially if you actually wear them or use them.

  1. Hang out with younger people

If you want to know if you’re funny spend time with people from another generation. Have fun talking about the days before computers made everything so easy.

  1. Eat messy food

Go ahead and eat something messy like a banana split in public. Sometimes you should forget to be so neat. Just wear the appropriate clothes.

  1. Bring out the picture books

Looking at pictures in your high school yearbook is bound to make you laugh. The hairstyles and fashions of the past are definitely worth another look after all this time.

Baby grinning

  1. Watch videos of infants, children or pets

Google “babies laughing” and watch the videos which come up. I enjoy laughing at videos of animals doing surprising things.


Here’s one combing both babies and pets: https://youtu.be/ZAmZucyzyZM

10. Just laugh. I’m not kidding. Just start laughing. You might fake it at first but soon you’ll be laughing. There is a group called Laughing Yoga and that’s what they do. They get together and start laughing. Laughter is contagious… you can catch it from yourself. Just try it!


Taking yourself less seriously builds confidence and character. Laughing at yourself and at life means you are strong enough to go beyond your comfort zone and get more out of life. You also learn the things you can take less seriously and just flow away from you.

Heal the Blocks to Laughing at Yourself

A major impediment to laughing at yourself is not being able to see the fun in life and the silliness of certain situations. Identify why you may find laughter difficult at times. Think of a situation comedy. Would a particular event be a great episode for a situation comedy?

Heal the wounds which are holding you back from enjoying life by laughing at the star of your show… you!

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