Low Self-Esteem: Poor Academic Performance

Poor Academic Performance Can Beat You Down


What happens to us as children stays with us the rest of our lives. When you can’t succeed in the area that children spend most of their lives, in school, you carry with you the shadow of not succeeding. Many people think they aren’t smart. Maybe so. There are two other causes of poor academic performance which have nothing to do with motivation or how long you study.… [Read More ...]

Coping Strategies after Traumatic Events

Trauma Can Affect Self-Image

traumaCoping Strategies after Traumatic Events” is the 7th in a series of post which elaborate on the post, Self-Esteem: 10 Causes.

From time to time, we all experience unfortunate events, situations, and traumas. Although traumas might involve physical injuries and damage, they can also be emotional. If unaddressed, the results of these emotional experiences can last for years.

Today, we’re focusing on the emotional aspects of trauma and what you can do to speed your recovery.… [Read More ...]

As Above, So Below: The Intricacies of Life

As Above, So Below: The Spiritual World Must Be as Intricate as the Physical World

On my Facebook Page I see photos, read amazing stories, learn of various experience upon this earth that I know we live in a beautiful complex world.

Doesn’t that hint at the spiritual world, that world we don’t see, as being equally complex? It does for me.

Return from Tomorrow

I’ve had a fascination with near death experiences.… [Read More ...]

How’s Your Body Image

Is Your Body Image Lowering Your Self-Esteem?

In my previous post on self-esteem, Body Image was listed as a major cause of low self-esteem. When you compare yourself to others, how they look, and how the media and others think you should look, rarely do you measure up. You look at someone with a body you think you’d enjoy having, and then hear the negative way that person views their body.… [Read More ...]

The Danger of Basing Expectations on Comparisons

Expectations, Comparisons and Self-Image




You have expectations of yourself and of others. It’s natural. The question is, “How do you develop those expectations?” Are they realistic, setting you up for disappointment and, possibly, a self-esteem hit? Hopefully, you developed your expectations with thoughtful consideration.

The Danger in Comparing Your Insides to Someone’s Outsides

If you’re feeling insecure and fearful, you might compare how you feel to someone who is successful in the area you wish to succeed.… [Read More ...]

Self-Esteem and Creativity

Must You Have Self-Esteem to be Creative?




The last week I’ve focused on causes of low self-esteem and how to over come them. I’m going to take a little break today and reflect upon whether you need to have self-esteem to be creative.

A Day at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston

I was thinking about creativity and self-esteem as I was enjoying several hours with a friend viewing amazing art, some from the first century.… [Read More ...]